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Integration allows you to synchronise data between your eDiary and your school admin or timetable system


What is Integration?

MyEDiary has long been aware that the double handling of data is a burden that no school needs, nor can afford to maintain.

We are now pleased to offer schools automated data synchronisation with our partners Sentral Education, Edval Timetables and Millennium, plus one-click integration with Timetabler and First Class timetabling software.

Data Integration Partners


What sort of data is synchronised?

The types of data that MyEDiary can receive include:

  • Student Enrolments
  • Staff Details
  • Staff Class Details
  • Student Class Details
  • Class Times

Is my school data safe?


Firstly, MyEDiary securely receives data from your school software and does NOT sync any data back. Parents, students & teachers then use a unique username and password to view the data in MyEDiary.

In addition to this, MyEDiary protects data using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). Our cloud storage servers are located within Australia and have taken extensive steps to keep your virtual infrastructure safe and secure in terms of providing network security, data centre security, virtual server & storage security and best practice policy.


Utilising data from within Sentral Education, Edval Timetables, Millennium, Timetabler and First Class.

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

Built with HTML5, MyEDiary works in any modern browser on any device.


Non-deletable Homework

With attachments, PDFs and hyperlinks.

Smartphone View

Student & Parent View available.

An Electronic Student Diary for students, teachers and parents.

Australia's leading supplier of high quality printed student diaries across the Australian and international market since 2000, MyDiary is now pleased to be able to bring its depth of skill, knowledge and experience to the newly emerging area of electronic student diaries directly assisting today's 21st century learners. We believe that, as technology becomes more and more prevalent in school classrooms and curriculums, the use of electronic devices such as MyEDiary will become commonplace. Sign up now for a free 90 day trial of MyEDiary to join us at the start of this exciting journey.

MyEDiary is a cloud-based HTML5 web application, providing the print diary on a multimedia platform.

MyEDiary hosts all data in Australia using secure SSL encryption technology. It is accessible via all modern browsers and devices including PC, Mac, laptops, tablets and smartphones, providing the perfect communication vehicle for your school or college.

MyEDiary Main Features

For students For staff For parents
100% web-based
Requiring username and password for secure access.
Integrate with Sentral Education, Edval Timetables, Millennium, First Class and Timetabler
This means no double entry of class lists and enrolments.
Receive weekly homework reporting
Stay in touch with child’s progress.
View non-deletable Homework / Assessment Tasks assigned by teachers
No need to waste time logging homework repeatedly, students simply look up what is due.
Assign non-deletable homework to students
Viewable by parents. Attachments, PDFs and hyperlinks included.
See child’s overdue, due & completed homework & assessment tasks
Accessible any time of day with real-time data.
Receive Live Announcements
Communicate directly with parents
Using optional instant messaging feature.
View upcoming school events
Now you can plan ahead and never miss another event.
Student Smartphone View
Make live announcements
To students, staff and parents.
Communicate directly to teachers
Raise concerns before they become issues.
Perfect for first day of school
Watch a virtual tour of the school to find your way around.
Add extended school policies
Without the hefty print bill. Edit anytime.
Parent Smartphone View
View child's homework on any smartphone.
Check out school events
Unlike a print diary, these events are live and up-to-date.
Display the talents of your students
In our virtual art gallery.
Refer to all school policies
At the click of a button.
Easy self-edit system
Enjoy the luxury of updating school events and policies at the click of a button.
Ability to self-set reminders
Plus notes and tasks. Also track study progress.

Management for
Rollout &

In order to implement a successful adoption of any new software within a school environment, it is imperative that a clearly defined roadmap is in place to ensure a seamless transition.

For this purpose MyEDiary has developed the S.M..R.T (Strategic Management for Application Rollout & Transition) Care Program. This program consists of five essential phases from Discovery through to Mentoring to ensure the ongoing success of your investment.

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DETSOA-63240 - Provision of Online Electronic Diaries

Approved Supplier

We’re proud to announce that we have been chosen as an Approved Supplier by the Department of Education & Training for the provision of Online Electronic Diaries under the new DETSOA-63240 Standing Offer Arrangement. As an Approved Supplier, our product - MyEDiary - complies fully with all DET privacy & security requirements. In choosing MyEDiary as your school’s digital diary product, you can be confident in the knowledge that all due diligence is complete with regard to security, data storage, accessibility and availability.