Revolutionise your school communication

MyEDiary provides schools with a powerful communication platform through which they can effortlessly reach the entire school community.

Targeted messaging

Target your communication to parents, staff, students, year levels, classes or individuals. Ensure everyone only receives what is relevant to them.

Simple to use

Schools push information out, removing any friction related to staff and students having to adopt new technology or workflows.

Secure communication

Only those parents, students and staff you have invited will be able to access the information sent out.

Digitally distribute school newsletters

Reduce print costs, paper costs and email clutter by pushing newsletters out for free via MyEDiary.

Save hundreds on costly SMS charges

Use MyEDiary’s free push notifications instead of costly SMS messages.

Goodbye school bag. Hello cloud.

Ensure permission slips, surveys, teacher letters and class notes are delivered directly to parents rather than getting lost in the bottom of the school bag.

Reminders on the go

MyEDiary notifies staff, students and parents of upcoming deadlines and events.

The MyEDiary App

Instant push notifications

Ensure what you send is actually seen. Teachers, students and parents receive notifications alerting them to any new information.

Schedule announcements to send later

Setup scheduled announcements at the start of the day, week, term or year and have them sent at the most appropriate time.

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