Online homework management for teachers, students and parents

Keep teachers, students and parents on the same page with cloud-based homework management. Improve progress visibility for parents, save time for teachers and empower students to plan their study time effectively.

Flexible homework setting

Teachers have the choice to assign homework to their classes or request students to self-assign.

We recognise that the homework culture of every school is different which is why MyEDiary has the flexibility that enables teachers to manage homework in a way that suits their workflow and objectives.

Students can manage their own homework alongside their other diary entries or teachers can manage homework at a class level, including progress setting and teacher sign-off.

Work magic with homework automation

Teachers can set MyEDiary to automatically assign homework to their classes. With Auto Tasks, teachers can schedule recurring tasks to be assigned across a specific timeframe.

Automated reminders

Remove the chore of homework follow-ups from the teacher’s workload and let MyEDiary automatically remind students about upcoming tasks.

Reminders are also sent out as push notifications to students’ smartphones.

Homework progress monitoring

Teachers can see at a glance how students are tracking with the homework they’ve been assigned.

Class-level progress views and individual student homework reports provide complete visibility of the current workload.

Include parents in the homework conversation

With regular homework reports, notifications and access to their child’s diary entries, parents are able to easily monitor the homework that is being set, allowing them to have greater involvement in their child’s progress.

Take it with you

Anytime, anywhere.

MyEDiary syncs across all devices allowing users to access vital information at a time and place that suits them.

Whether it’s a parent accessing today’s homework from the sidelines of the footy field, a teacher reviewing class progress from home or a student organising their commitments whilst on the bus home, MyEDiary’s HTML5 architecture ensures that the experience is consistent and seamless across all devices.

Push notifications

Students receive push notifications alerting them about new homework, changes to homework and upcoming homework deadlines. No more excuses about forgotten homework!

Personal to-do list for teachers and students

MyEDiary provides teachers and students with their own task manager for entering assignment deadlines, meetings, exams, reminders and free-form daily notes.

Take the 'work' out of 'homework'!
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