Equip teachers with the most precious resource of all. Time.

With homework management, class communication and parent conversations managed within MyEDiary, teachers have more time to actually teach.

Homework management

Post non-deletable homework, assessment tasks and assignments to students. Teacher sign-off allows the teacher to have final say over completion.

Class communication

Send out permission slips, class updates and reminders to the entire class or selected students (and their parents).

Parent conversations

Teacher communication with parents is transferred from disparate email threads and written notes to a centralised conversation within MyEDiary.

Push notifications

Receive school announcements, events, reminders and parent messages as push notifications to your smartphone.

Student progress

Easily monitor student progress and see at a glance how they are managing their workload.

Timetables and calendar

Easy access to school events and class timetables.

Teacher planner

As well as displaying due dates for the assignments they have set, teachers can use MyEDiary to set their own tasks, reminders and free-form notes.

Beyond the classroom

Access to MyEDiary on smartphones and tablets allows teachers stay up-to-date with school announcements and events whilst managing their day on the go.

With push notifications enabled, teachers will be alerted of events and announcements from the school, messages from parents and due dates for the homework and assessments they have set.

Use automation for smarter workflows

Employ the powerful Auto Task tool to handle repetitive tasks.

Auto Tasks can be used to assign recurring tasks of any type to students on a pre-defined schedule.

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