Why MyEDiary?

In today’s schools teachers, students and parents are bombarded with information from LMS dashboards, portals, emails, SMS, in-class notes, reminders, calendars, apps, social media… and that’s before morning tea. It all adds up to a lot of noise.

MyEDiary gives students and teachers the tools they need to efficiently manage homework and after school activities whilst at the same time providing a single source of communication for the entire school community.


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An online diary for schools

For generations the personal diary has been used as a tool to communicate, organise and focus on priorities in order to get things done. In today’s society where the distractions of digital noise are infinite, a personal diary is more important today than it ever has been.

MyEDiary is a cloud-based diary that enables schools to cut through that noise and bring together teachers, students and parents within the context of the school day. Parent participation is increased, students are empowered to manage their school commitments, teachers are able to focus on what matters most and the school’s brand and values are reinforced on a daily basis.

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